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Reading Articles on

This video tutorial shows you how to read articles within Readlang:

To use these translation tools on web pages, you'll need to install the Web Reader

Open articles

From the homepage, click on any of the articles within Library -> Public Texts or Library -> My Texts  to start reading.

Translate words

Click on any word, it will be translated to your first language.If the translation doesn’t work, please ensure you have the correct languages set. You can do this by opening the sidebar with the ☰ button at the top right, and choosing the correct languages within the Dictionary tab.

Turn pages

Click in the left or right margins to flip pages.
Keyboard shortcuts: left and right arrow keys.

Show or hide the side bar

Click the button at the top left of the screen.

Change the formatting options (color / font / translation style / etc)

Click the AA tab at the top of the sidebar.

Return to the homepage

Click the R button at the top left of the screen.

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