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Learn Words with Flashcards

Open Readlang's Flashcards Page to review the words you have translated.

Using the flashcards

  1. Choose how many cards you have time for at the moment.
  2. Read the sentence presented to you, and try to guess either the meaning of the underlined word, or if there is a blank space, try to guess which word fits in that space.
  3. Click the card with the question mark: "?"
  4. If you're not sure the translation is correct, click the edit button at the bottom right corner of the flashcard to edit it.
  5. Click on one of the buttons below to tell Readlang how well you remembered the word, or don't think twice about clicking "Delete" if you don't think the word is useful.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Enter - Reveal next card
  • 1 - Not at all
  • 2 - Almost
  • 3 - Yes, just
  • 4 - Perfectly

How it works

Readlang uses a spaced repetition algorithm (inspired by the SuperMemo 2 one) to ensure you remember words long term. It tests you more frequently if you are having difficulty remembering a word, and less frequently if you remember it successfully. Furthermore, it prioritizes the more frequently used words in each language.

See your progress

Under the "Words" tab, you can keep track of your progress, and edit or export the words you have translated.


Learn how to use Readlang's flashcards in this video:

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