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Uploading novels to read (including ones with DRM)

If you have a novel in .txt or DRM-free .epub format, simply upload it via the upload page.

If you have a DRM protected book, such as those sold for Kindle and many other e-readers, you'll need to remove the DRM first. WARNING: This is quite technical and the legality of the process may vary from country to country.

1. Remove DRM with Calibre:
  - Instructions for Adobe Digital Editions this applies to books bought from KoboGoogle Play and others.
  - Other formats: search the internet and it's likely you'll find instructions on how to remove the DRM from it.

2. Export the book from Calibre in .epub format.

3. Upload the .epub book into Readlang via the upload page. DON'T tick the Public checkbox, this book should only be accessible to you and not shared with other users.

4. Enjoy reading your novel with Readlang's translation tools, and optionally review your new vocabulary later with flashcards. Here's a demo to help you get started.

(Learn more about DRM

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