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Install Readlang Web Reader

Readlang's Web Reader and Importer toolbar lets you:

1. Read and translate within the original web page.
2. Import the article to read on Readlang.

Either way, you need to install the Web Reader & Importer.

Chrome Extension (Desktop only)

Install this extension:

This will place a green "R" button next to the address bar, click it when on the webpage you want to visit.

Learn how to install and use the Chrome extension in this video:

Bookmarklet (Firefox and other browsers)

This works exactly like the Chrome Extension, except that instead of a green "R" button, it becomes a link in your bookmarks bar.

Visit this page and drag the bookmarklet link into your bookmarks bar to install.

For instructions on installing and using the Web Reader in Firefox, see this video: (the method for other browsers should be similar)

Install bookmarklet on other browsers

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