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  1. Add images to flashcards

  2. Are the translations always accurate?

  3. Benefits of Readlang Premium

  4. Can I add a word or phrase to the flashcards that I didn't read on Readlang?

  5. Can I edit incorrect translations myself?

  6. Can I import pdfs?

  7. Can I learn language X with Readlang?

  8. Can I stop adjacent words merging to form phrases?

  9. Changing the dictionary

  10. Delete words in bulk

  11. Exporting flashcards to Anki

  12. How do I cancel my subscription?

  13. How do I choose my first language, and which language I want to study?

  14. How do I delete my account?

  15. How do I export all my words?

  16. How do I stay signed in to my Readlang account?

  17. How is the difficulty of a text calculated?

  18. Install Readlang on Android as a home screen app

  19. Install Readlang on iOS (iPad, iPhone or iPod) as a home screen app

  20. Install Readlang Web Reader

  21. Install Readlang Web Reader bookmarklet on Opera

  22. Install Readlang Web Reader on Chrome for Android

  23. Install Readlang Web Reader on Chrome for iOS

  24. Install Readlang Web Reader on iOS Safari

  25. Install Readlang Web Reader on Safari for macOS

  26. Is Readlang free?

  27. Is there a Readlang Android app?

  28. Is there a Readlang iOS (iPad or iPhone) app?

  29. Learn Words with Flashcards

  30. My books and/or words have disappeared!

  31. Read Articles

  32. Readlang is in maintenance mode

  33. Readlang Web Importer Bookmarklet

  34. Resetting your password

  35. Start here!

  36. Synchronize Transcription to Audio

  37. Uploading novels to read (including ones with DRM)

  38. Using Readlang on iOS Safari

  39. What to do if you get a "Please enable third party data storage in your browser settings before using the Readlang Web Reader" error message

  40. Where are my words / texts?

  41. Where can I find newspapers to practice my language?

  42. Why can't I sign in to the web reader on macOS Safari?

  43. Why does the flashcard direction change?

  44. Why is there a length limit on phrases?

  45. Why isn't the dictionary showing in the sidebar?

  46. Why won't the Web Reader load on a particular page?

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